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Technology Infrastructure Planning

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 11 years, 12 months ago

The following are ideas for the media technology infrastructure of 4Humanities@UCSB projects.  Principles to consider in selecting technologies include:

  • Ease of implementation and cost
  • Ease of use and access
  • Shareable use across projects
  • Scalability
  • Exportability (if we need to move the resources elsewhere in future)


For project resource gathering, preparation, organization, etc. (Please add ideas)
Technical Notes

PBWorks wiki for project planning and resource gathering. 

  • Individual projects can set up their own pages. 
  • Allows for easy shared editing, uploading of multimedia files, etc.
Currently we are using a free PBWorks wiki.  We may consider paying $99/year to go to the "Classroom" pricing plan, which allows for custom domain names, page level access controls, etc.  (Pricing plans)

Google Docs for project planning and resource gathering.

  • Projects could use Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Drawings to collaborate on projects
  • Easy shared editing

Data Visualization Platforms and Tools


Mapping Platforms & Tools:

  • Google Earth and Maps



For project presentation (Please add ideas.)
Technical Notes


Larger projects would likely require us to pay for a $99/year "Classroom" plan.  Multiple projects on more than one PBWorks site would need multiple paid plans.  There is also a higher-tier "Campus" plan allowing for unlimited sites.  (Pricing plans)

Omeka for exhibition sites (installed locally on an English Dept. virtual server)

(For a good intro and case study in how to set up an Omeka site, see Jason Kucsma, et al., "Using Omeka to Build Digital Collections: The METRO Case Study" (D-Lib 16.3-4 (2010)

Omeka for local installation is a free download from Omeka.org.  This allows for the most options in site design, domain name choice, plugins, etc.  But the cost lies in maintaining the site with updates.
Omeka.net exhibition sites (running on the Omeka.net site)
Omeka.net has a basic free plan.  The next levels up, which provide more sites, plugins, themes, etc., are at the price points of $49/yr and $99/yr.  (Pricing plans)

WordPress.com site. 


Note: the main 4Humanities site runs on a local installation of WordPress at U. Alberta.

Paid premium features include VideoPress ($59.97/yr): "just upload your video and we’ll convert it to the right formats for sharing on the web (including an HD option for high definition video"; premium themes; custom domain name.




Polling / voting tools: (examples)






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