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Outreach 4Humanities Project

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 11 years, 10 months ago
This is a planning page for the Outreach 4Humanities Project, whose mission is to recruit humanities advocacy recordings and other statements from non-academics and non-humanists.  Project Team: Adrianna Simone (leader), Ann Bermingham, Kristin Cornelius, Alan Liu, Dan Reynolds.


Projects Underway

  • Arts & Letters Lecturer Interview Series
    • [email from Ann Bermingham, March 19, 2012]
      "I spoke with Arts and Lectures today and they are on board with the idea of having their speakers give a short statement about the value of the humanities for them. Roman suggested that instead of video recordings--which would be hard to coordinate with the speakers schedules--that we instead do voice recordings that we can up load and use. Roman will do the interview/recordings for us.
              He'd like a short text to show the speakers in order to get their consent, and then 3 questions that could be posed to them and that they'd answer into the tape recorder.
              What we need to provide then is text, questions, and a tape recorder."
    • Interview Questions (and intro statement for interviewees) (doc) :
      • 1. What do you value in the humanities?
      • 2. How did the humanities help you to become the success you are today?
      • 3. If you were to encourage your own child to study the humanities, what reason would you give?
      • 4. Anything else you would like to add?
    • Interviews to date:
  • Kristin Cornelius's Backpack Documentary series


Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting of April 2012:

    Outreach 4Humanities meeting 1 minutes




Paradigms for Presenting Advocacy

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