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Humanities Showcase Project

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on April 20, 2013 at 7:58:58 pm
This is the developer's FAQ page for the Humanities Showcase Project.  Project Team: Alan Liu (leader), Linda Adler-Kassner, Eileen Boris, Cole Cohen, Leslie Hammer, Jen Hammerschmidt, Pax Hehmeyer, Zach Horton, Lindsay Thomas, Bill Warner. (For the original planning notes for the Humanities Showcase Project, go here.)


Where is the live Humanities Showcase site on the Web?



What is the technology behind the Humanities Showcase site on the Web?

  • Currently, the Humanities Showcase is a Wix site.  Wix is a third-party service that allows users to create high visual impact sites with themes, HTML5 animation, and other features, all edited through a GUI what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual programming interface.
  • 4Humanities has a paid subscription to Wix to take advantage of features in addition to the free service.
  • The Wix site requires manual editing and adding.  It is not a "content management system" for exhibitions like Omeka that allows curators to keep exhibitions and metadata in a database and then flow the content automatically to a front-end theme.  (Omeka would be an idea solution; but currently the available thenes on the hosted Omeka.net site are not high-visual-impact enough for the purposes of a public showcase site.  Hosting an Omeka installation locally would be prohibitive due to support issues and the need to custom design a high visual impact theme.


How can I contribute to the Humanities Showcase?


You can contribute to the 4Humanities Humanities Showcase at any of three levels of engagement:


1. Contributor Level 1 -- "Five-minute Activism":

Only have spare moments now and then to help?  Just pick something you'd like to help us build an exhibit about on Humanities Showcase and fill out our Word .doc worksheet () with materials for the building blocks of an exhibit--including, for example: Name of exhibit, URL for the research or teaching site being exhibited, short description, essentials (a few bullet points), quotations about the project or class (e.g., from participants, students, or developers), and images (e.g., screen-captures from the project site).  Don't worry if you can't complete all the fields in the template.  Just help us with what you can fill in, and we'll research the rest.


2. Contributor Level 2 -- Editor:

Editors are folks who log in to the online Wix site for the Humanities Showcase and create the exhibits based on materials submitted under #1 above.  Editing is in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface that requires no technical or programming knowledge.  We sure could use a few folks willing to help out at this level.


3. Contributor Level 3 -- Designer:

Site design is crucial for a project like this intended to display the best of the humanities to the public.  Many of the graphical, design, and user-experience elements on the current Humanities Showcase site could undoubtedly be improved.  If you have design or user-interface experience, we sure would like to hear from you.


To sign up as a contributor, write to Alan Liu (ayliu@english.ucsb.edu)



How to I collect and submit materials for an exhibition in the Humanities Showcase?


  • If you are a "5-minute activist" contributor, we've made it easy for you to collect materials for a showcase exhibition. Just download our Starter Kit with its included exhibition materials Worksheet (or download the Worksheet separately).  Tgese are simple Word docs that you can use to gather materials for submission to us.


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