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A_L Interview Questions

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4Humanitiesis an international organization advocating for the humanities. Government and private support for research, teaching, preservation, and creative renewal in such fields as literature, history, languages, philosophy, classics, art history, music, theater, and so on, are in decline. In some nations, especially since the economic recession, major cuts in government and university funding have resulted in the closing of departments and the downsizing of programs. The humanities provide perspective, training in complex and creative thinking, and communication skills needed to spark, understand, and make “human” new discoveries. Please help us make the point that society will be poorer, not richer, without the humanities to help us grasp, and evolve, what it means to be “human” and “humane” in today’s complex world. To help us make our case we would appreciate it if you could reply to the questions below. Your replies will be posted on our website 4Humanities:

http://humanistica.ualberta.ca Your help is much appreciated.



Interview Questions:


1. What do you value in the humanities?


2. How did the humanities help you to become the success you are today?


3. If you were to encourage your own child to study the humanities, what reason would you give?


4. Anything else you would like to add?


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