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World Without Humanities

Page history last edited by Kevin Kearney 11 years, 8 months ago



Goals (?):

            Launch Viral Campaign (Meme for Facebook, etc.)

            Poster/Visual Ad


            Generate interest in 4 Humanities

            Bring people to website

            Create discussion re: value of Humanities


Themes and Framing Devices:



          50’s Like Movie Poster


What’s Missing w/o Humanites:


            Rampant Capitalism

            No Civil Society (No Habermasian Commons)

            No Critical Thought

            Robots/Robot-like people (Wally) Idiocracy

            Lack of complex cultural production (good art, good literature)



            Romeo and Juliet Text-Msg

            Library  Hot Tub!

            Sarah Palin as President (well…)

            Lincoln Center (alienating?)

            Orwellian Dystopia



            Just for Internet?






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